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The Amazing World of Concrete

Why Use Concrete Wall Cutting To Install A New Doorway?

by Samantha Robinson

If you're renovating your home and want to put a new door in a block concrete wall, then you have to find the best way to create an opening. While you can use a sledgehammer to knock out part of the wall, you'll have better results if you hire a concrete wall-cutting service.

What are the benefits of cutting out your doorway?

Work Faster and More Precisely

While you measure out and prepare the space you need to remove from a wall before you knock it down, this process doesn't always give you precise results. You're using brute strength to knock out an extremely hard surface.

So, if you make a mistake or get a little overenthusiastic with your sledgehammer on a stubborn piece of wall, then you might knock out more concrete than you need to. You'll have to backfill this space to get it to the right measurements. Or, if you don't knock out a big enough space, then you'll have to keep working on it until it is the right size.

In either case, this can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. Concrete isn't easy to break open, and your hammering work will take some time.

If you use a concrete wall-cutting service, then you get more accurate results. Your contractor measures out the space and then uses a digital saw to cut the opening. They use remote controls to operate the saw, so you get precise cuts in exactly the right places.

This is also a faster job. Wall saws can cut through concrete much more quickly than you can break it down with a sledgehammer.

Avoid Wall Damage

If you knock out part of a wall, then you might accidentally cause some damage. Sledgehammers aren't precision tools. You might weaken parts of the wall around the opening when you knock the doorway out. It might lose some structural support strength.

If you have the doorway cut out of the wall, then you avoid damage around the gap. Saws make guided and precise cuts along set lines. They won't damage surrounding areas.

Reduce Construction Mess

Knocking a hole in a concrete block wall is a messy job. Every time you hit the surface, fragments will fly around the space. You'll have a lot of dust in the area and a lot of concrete debris to clean up at the end of the job.

Wall cutting is a cleaner process. It doesn't create as much dust or debris. Contractors can usually cut out door space in one piece and will often dispose of your waste concrete after the job.

For more info about brick wall cutting, contact a local company.