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Buying Cement: A Few Things You Have To Keep In Mind

<u>Buying Cement: A Few Things You Have To Keep In Mind


When it comes to construction, cement is indeed one of the most popular and important materials. Aside from huge builders, they are also often needed by homeowners who undertake a variety of improvement projects on their own. The right quality and type is important to make sure that its intended purpose will be achieved. While cement price is one of the most important considerations, you should go beyond cost. It is not enough to choose one only because it is the cheapest option available in the market. To be assured of making the right choice, keep in mind the factors that will be mentioned below.


Types of Cement


This can be a bit technical, but it is important to pay attention to such, making sure that you will end up with one that is suited for the application. You should choose OPC Grade 43 if it is intended to be used in general civil engineering projects, such as masonry. OPC Grade 53, on the other hand, is for high-rise buildings. PPC, meanwhile, is for mass construction. You can also choose white and colored cement for architectural and interior projects. Alternatively, you can use concrete stain to add a touch of color.


Packaging of Cement


If you are buying ready mix concrete or cement, it is important to make sure that the packaging is superior, which means that it is less susceptible to damages from external elements. The packaging should contain an identification logo, specification of weight, and manufacturing date. It should also be machine-stitched and should be not tampered. The bag should be made from polypropylene. Do not accept any pack that comes in broken packaging as this means that the content is possibly damaged.


Test It on Your Own


Aside from knowing which type to buy and looking at the packaging, there are also some tests that you can do on your own, which will help to ensure that the quality of the concrete will be superior. For instance, one thing that you should do is to touch the concrete mix. It should feel cool. When you drop the cement on a bucket of water, it must settle down and should not be floating. There should also be no visible lumps. If moisture is present, it will most probably be lumpy when it is touched.


Tips for Proper Storage


Aside from the things that have been mentioned above, it is also important to pay attention to the proper storage of cement. They should be placed is stack and as close as possible to each other, which will help in the reduction of air circulation. Avoid stacking more than ten bags in order to prevent moisture. It should also not be placed in direct contact to a wall. Use the cement as soon as possible, especially after the bag has been opened.

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