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Concrete Floor Sealer

<u>How to Choose the Best Concrete floor sealer


Concrete is a type of material that is well-suited for different types of floors. It has been gaining popularity among different property owners, including both commercial and residential ones. In order to keep your concrete floors highly functional and beautiful at the same time, there are some requirements that you need to look for in a concrete sealant.


Sealing concrete floors need to be safe, stain and chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, and UV resistant. In line with these, the following are some qualifications that you need to take into consideration when it comes to choosing a cement sealer.


Concrete sealing – Different Options


One of the most common concrete floor sealers is Acrylic Sealer. They are very easy to apply and are inexpensive as well. They also bond well as a cement sealer and are stain resistant too. They will not result to color darkening. Since they are not scratch resistant or durable, they are oftentimes used as base for other types of sealers, such as polyurethane and wax.


Epoxy Sealers are also a good option because they are excellent adhesives to concrete while offering good chemical resistance. They are high-gloss, optically clear, and build on a thick film, which means that the aesthetics are very appealing to those who prefer glass surfaces. This type of concrete sealant, however, should only be applied by skilled contractors, as they easily scratch.


Sealing concrete with polyurethane sealers is also a good option as they are generally more scratch resistant, and applied at thinner film-build, which results to a more natural look. Similar to epoxy sealers, they need to be precisely mixed and measured. They can be sensitive to preparation of the surface, as well as concrete alkalinity. For this reason, it should be used together with a primer before the application of topcoats. They also show high-quality stain, abrasion, and UV resistance.


A newer type, polyaspartic sealers, exhibit excellent stain, abrasion and UV resistance, they are particularly notable because of its fast turnaround time. Floors that are sealed with polyaspartic concrete sealant show resistance to hot tire pick-up. This is very important in places where there is vehicular traffic expected such as garage floors, service areas or automobile showrooms.


Understanding the role of a concrete floor sealer is very important as it protecting the surface of floors. According to studies, almost all types of damages to different cement structures are often a result of moisture that permeates through its surface. The overall function of a cement sealer is to offer a protective barrier against harmful moisture, thus increasing the life expectancy of any surface. If you are searching for a good concrete sealing product, make sure to look at the different.

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