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Concrete Mix Proportions

<strong>Concrete Mix Proportions


When making a concrete mix, you need to make sure you are adding the correct ingredients in the correct proportions to create concrete that is durable and will stand the test of time and environmental hazards. Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement, rock, sand and water and formulations of concrete are determined by what the end use is, the size of the project and the environment in which it will be laid.


Proper concrete mix design is important for overall strength and durability so adding in the components in the correct ratios is critical. You can get away with simply adding water to a ready mix concrete because it is already prepackaged in the correct formulations and you may want to consider using these sacked versions for your construction projects.


Correct Ratio for Concrete Mix Design


The cement to water to sand to rock formula is measured in compressive strength or psi so the more water you add, the less strong the concrete. If you want stronger concrete then add less water and more sand and rock to the concrete mix.


Let’s take the example of a common concrete mix design for any construction project, being one part cement and three parts sand and rock. So if you need to cover a 65 square foot section for your project and you want it to have the strength to withstand four thousand psi then you need to add six hundred and ten pounds of cement, fourteen hundred and fifty pounds of sand and sixteen hundred pounds of rock or stone and thirty-five gallons of water.


As you can see the size that the concrete mix needs to cover and how thick you want it will depend on how much of each component you need to add to give you the strength ratio you need. There are calculators on the internet that can help you determine the correct ratio of elements to water you need that could help as well.


Different Types of Concrete Mix

For driveways, walkways and low traffic flooring a concrete mix that has a psi of twenty-five hundred would work best. This type of concrete is used on solid packed sub-grades and are usually the cheapest and in ready mix concrete sacks.


For high traffic, heavy loads and impact projects like basements, concrete footings for structures, warehouse and store flooring you would use between thirty-five hundred to five thousand psi concrete mix. This higher psi concrete mix design are for when there is an extreme load that needs to be held up or has a high traffic of people or vehicles that the cement needs to stand up against.


There are many considerations when making a concrete mix that will make the difference of a project of total disaster or will stand up over time. Mixing the elements of stone, water, cement, and sand together in the correct ratios will give you the best chance of having your construction project stand up to harsh weather conditions, heavy loads or tons of vehicle traffic if done properly.

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