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<u>Why Using a Ready Concrete Mix Makes Sense


A ready concrete mix is basically concrete that is specifically made to be delivered from a central plant directly to the construction site. Each batch of the cement mix is usually customized to meet the client’s requirements and is usually brought in an unhardened, freshly mixed condition by a cylindrical truck. There are several benefits of using this kind of concrete rather than mixing your own concrete onsite. Read on to find out the benefits of ready concrete mix.


Reduces Construction Expenses


Choosing to use a readymade concrete mix greatly minimizes overall costs since it reduces material consumption, storage, and labor costs. When preparing the cement mix at the plant, the exact proportions of all the necessary ingredients required are measured accurately and maintain, which help avoid the wastage that you get with onsite mixing. Using this prepared mix also means that you can reduce the number of construction workers as well as the time they need to spend on every casting.


Better Quality


One of the biggest issues for most engineers and construction firms is assuring the quality of onsite concrete mix. It is nearly impossible to have an accurate ratio of all the required elements from water and cement to grading the aggregates. In contrast, a reputable plant is normally quite keen on ensuring that they provide a cement mix of the highest quality to give you peace of mind during your construction project.




Ready-made concrete mix is an eco-friendly solution in many different ways. First of all, the main ingredients used to make concrete (water, cement, and aggregate) are quite plentiful in supply along with having a lower effect on the surround ecosystem during the extraction compared with other building materials. Since the major sources of these raw materials are quarries, they can be easily reclaimed later on for recreational, commercial or residential use. Leftovers in a plant are also more readily recycled or reused when making the cement mix.


Lower Maintenance Expenses


Ultimately, the reason why concrete is so popular is its ability to be very strong with tremendous resiliency and lower maintenance requirements. It offers an important sustainable benefit as compared to other construction structures. Humidity and moisture can easily damage other kinds of construction materials due to rot or rust, except a concrete mix. Concrete also seems to get stronger with age, as evidenced by the numerous concrete structures that still stand today virtually undamaged.


These are only a few of the many reasons why choosing a ready-made concrete mix makes sense. Ensure you search around and consider different concrete prices before finally making a decision.

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