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<u>4 Essential Advices That Will Help You Get Better Texture on Your Concrete Stamps


Stamped Concrete can definitely accentuate the beauty and style of your property.  But if your surface is poorly textured, it can be an issue for the contractor, and it can create a blot on your landscape.  There are times when a particular spot is missed by the contractor and they failed to realize it until such time that they wash those slabs.  There are also times that the concrete has already settled where it is already impossible to create a great texture.  Those who have an extensive experience in this field have already been in this situation and have learned some techniques that will allow them to create better stained concrete floors.  Here are their advices.


4 Crucial Tips in Getting Better Concrete Stamps


  1. Begin Stamping As Early As You Can


A lot of contractors will wait a significant amount of time before they start stamping on the slab.  It is highly suggested to start with the stamping as soon as the concrete can already withstand the weight to avoid creating ‘bird baths’.  Bird Baths are the oval slump found in the slab that tends to collect rain water.  The stained concrete floor should highly resemble the texture found at the stamping tool that you used.  There are times that the texture of the floor’s surface is less compared to the tools; this is an indication that the tools are poorly bottomed-out on the slab.  The common cause of this problem is that the concrete is already too hard.


  1. Texture Shoes


One great tool that will help you in your task would be the texture shoes.  This can be conveniently worn by the contractor that will prevent them from sinking in the soft concrete.  The mold on the bottom of the texture shoes acts like snowshoes that distribute the overall weight of the wearer in a larger area.  The texture found in the mold highly resembles the texture of the stamping tool, so it won’t cause any problem in case the worker accidentally stepped onto the soft part.


  1. Begin at the Center


By starting at the middle line of the project and allowing two people to work on the opposing sides, you can avoid creating different texture on the concrete stain on the opposing edge of the slab.  Frequently, with the less experienced contractor, there is a noticeable texture in a place where they start the stamping and lesser texture at the end of the stained concrete floor.  Starting at the center is an unorthodox technique that will allow you to create even texture throughout the entire surface.


  1. Textured Roller


In case you want to ensure that there will be a consistent texture, you can start by gently sloping textured roller before using the concrete stamps.  This is the most convenient way on getting that desired texture on your floor’s surface.


These are the 4 tips that will help you produce better texture in your concrete when stamping.  Some of them may be radical, but you will find them useful once you try them out.

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