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Finding the Right Concrete Mixer

<u>Finding the Right Concrete Mixer


A concrete mixer used in construction to mix cement and other raw materials into concrete. Some of the raw materials used in producing concrete include gravel, sand, lime, and other aggregates. A cement mixer consists of a rotating barrel; motor that turns the barrel, and a handle that lets the user shift the position of the barrel. The handle also allows the user to dump the concrete once the concrete mix is ready for pouring. There are different types of cement mixers. They can be stationary or mobile. There are times when they are mounted on trailers or trucks.


When looking for a concrete mixer for sale, you need to factor in the price, quality and the capacity. Some jobs require a large amount of concrete mix, and you will need to have a mixer that has a large capacity.


While it is possible to mix small amounts of cement manually, cement mixers will save you time and effort. Before buying a concrete mixer, you should consider the capacity, maintenance requirements, power source, and the portability.


Benefits of Using a Concrete Mixer


A cement mixer can save a lot of time and effort for contractors. Mixing cement is a labor intensive task that will put a lot of strain on a worker’s body. Back injuries are common among people who mix cement for a living. A concrete mixer makes mixing cement easier. The resulting concrete mix is also superior because it is much more homogeneous compared to manually mixed cement.


While concrete can be mixed manually in various containers, these containers must be cleaned afterwards before the cement becomes hard. It is much easier to clean cement mixers. It is also recommended to buy a concrete mixer when you regularly use one. That way you don’t need to rent one whenever you need to use it. There are instances in which it is more cost effective to buy a cement mixer for a single job and then sell it afterwards; compared to just rent one for the duration of the job.


Types of Cement Mixers


There are several types of mixers that differ on how portable; their capacity, how they are powered, and their dumping mechanism. It is important that you know the types of mixers so that you can get the right one.


A portable concrete mixer is ideal for pouring cement over an extended area, such as pavements. It is smaller and lighter, and can easily carry around. A stationary mixer have a larger capacity, which makes it ideal for construction jobs requiring large amounts of cement to be poured at a time.


As you can see, a concrete mixer can be helpful in projects that require mixing cement and other aggregates. It can save the contractor a lot of time and effort, and at the same time produce high quality concrete mix.

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