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Foundation Repair

<u>What You Need to Know About Foundation Repair


A buildings foundation is vital to ensuring a structure’s integrity, and the safety of all its contents. In case the foundation does get damaged, it is vital that you find a qualified foundation repair contractor to inspect the damage and repair the same as soon as possible. In most cases, water is the main cause of foundation damage. Water is known to cause the soil around a building’s foundation to expand, putting additional pressure on the structure. Furthermore, the water may seep into the foundation and make its way into the basement, or create so much pressure between the expanding soil and foundation causing it to bend, crack or even collapse.


Let’s look at the different scenarios where foundation repair is necessary.


Water Seeping into the Basement


If you discover that your house’s finished basement is leaking water, or an unfinished basement is damper than it should be, you need to consider finding a qualified foundation waterproofing expert to repair it and prevent further damage in the structure. Where the building’s roof and water drainage structures are properly designed, it is important to hire a qualified contractor to inspect and find the problem, before conducting basement waterproofing repairs, to resolve the underlying problem first. The cost of such repairs usually depends on the type of waterproofing conducted.


Part of the Foundation is Washed Away


Foundation repair is also needed in case part of the foundation is washed away by water. In case a huge amount of water is sent flowing along your home’s foundation, it can actually take with it a significant part of the foundation. The first thing you need to do here is solve the underlying cause of the flowing water. This can then be followed by house foundation repair meant to shore up the area of the foundation that has been damaged. You might need to pour concrete to shore up the area where damage is minimal, or tear our part of the foundation along the damaged area and pour new concrete altogether.

Bent or Cracked Foundation Walls


In case you notice cracks in a foundation wall, it is important to find ways of reinforcing it to avoid further damage. In most cases, foundation crack repair is done on the inside of the building using carbon fiber mesh, wood or steel braces or wall anchors. These should be placed around six feet apart along the wall that needs to be reinforced. Wood and steel braces are among the most common means of straightening and reinforcing cracked or bent foundation walls; however, using the carbon fiber mesh results in the lowest foundation repair cost among all the named options.


As you can see above, foundation repair projects are used to address different foundation problems. It is, however, worth noting that the most important aspect of repairing a damaged foundation is resolving the root cause of the damage; otherwise all repairs will only be temporary fixes.

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