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What is White Cement and Why You Should Use It

<u>What is White Cement and Why You Should Use It


White cement is has the same properties like gray cement, apart from the color. The unique white color of this cement is usually determined by the process of manufacturing and also the raw materials. Read on and learn more about this distinctive cement and some of the main benefits of using it.


When pigments are added to white cement, it products bright, clean and vibrant colors, particularly for the light pastels. This means that you can create an extensive range of concrete colors since several color pigments can be added. In effect, white cement offers the opportunity to achieve a broader range of decorative looks through using both colored aggregates as well as varying the texture or surface finish treatment.


Benefits of White Cement


White concrete has several impressive benefits when it comes to a construction project. These benefits range from enhancing the appearance of a building to saving money. Here are the main benefits of using white cement.


  1. Offers dual purposes – White cement is both a structural and architectural surface. You do not even need any additional veneer material when using this particular cement since it looks quite appealing on its own.


  1. The color never wears away – The white color of this cement or any other color that you would want is infused into the cement and will never wear down. It provides quite a decent look and in many cases additional painting will not be needed.


  1. No maintenance necessary – There is nearly no maintenance needed on a structure made of white cement or concrete. If it is outdoors, then the rainfall will keep it fresh, while a simple wash job where necessary will keep it looking all new.


  1. Can be used to fill in uneven wall surfaces – Wally putty based on white cement 3 can be applied on uneven wall surfaces before painting.


  1. No painting needed – Using a pigmented white concrete can help in eliminating the need of painting the finished products.


  1. Better thermal insulating features – White cement and white concrete based materials have significantly better insulation abilities compared to the regular materials.


  1. Saves energy – Using white concrete increases light reflection both outside and inside the buildings to reduce the lighting costs and helping in saving energy. That is why white cement is usually recommended for reducing the effect of urban heat islands.


Today, white cement or Jordan cement 3 is mainly used for concrete masonry, terrazzo, and colored stucco. The greatest appeal for using this white variety of cement is the fact its concrete offers a reliable structural material of lasting beauty. Contact us today if you are interested in getting white cement or concrete for your construction project.

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